See Why A Top Exec From Amazon Left To Join This Tiny Tech Company
If you’ve gotten this far, chances are that you intend to read this article. What if at this point you were offered a free reward (maybe a coupon to your favorite restaurant) just for reading it? That would be great, considering the plan was to read it anyway, right? Right.
Let’s back up a moment and think about that scenario again. As you start to read the article, an annoying video interrupts you, demanding you watch at least 30 seconds of it before you can close it and keep reading. Odds are that you might just say “forget this” and just walk away from the article and advertisement completely.
At the very best, you likely going to mumble something about how ads suck. There probably isn’t an industry that is riper for innovation than advertising.
While advertisers keep banging that same old drum of interrupting ads to try and get in front of their target audience, the innovators at this company are turning the advertising world on its head with its new technology that engages consumers and gives them choices, flipping an advertisement into what feels like an opportunity.
By the time you finish reading this article, you'll realize why a top exec from Amazon left to join this revolutionary company...

So, How Does This Company Plan To Disrupt The Multi-Billion Dollar Advertising Industry?
Let’s look at another situation. If, when you are playing a game you are given the chance to win a prize like free pizza or a Nike gift card, will you play and keep playing to try and win? The answer is probably yes. The data shows that people will play much more. 
Importantly, you didn’t feel like you just had an ad crammed down your throat. Instead, you were engaged and quite possibly took a step towards brand loyalty, which is exactly the purpose of advertising.

That’s what Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSF) (CSE: VS) is bringing to market.  Well, that and dynamic in-game campaigns that reward players based on eligibility and performance. The company’s patents protect its conditional prizing and promotions technologies, as well as a slew of additional features, such as determining player identity using location, age and other characteristics.
Advertisers love the paradigm shift because of the big data made available, better demographic targeting and ease of changing campaigns instantly. Of course, there is also the appealing cost factor, which Versus has priced below most peers offering traditional, intrusive ads.
This is the reason tech behemoth HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) has partnered with Versus, utilizing Versus technology for the rewards program for all HP OMEN and Pavillion desktops and laptops operating systems. Understand that it wasn’t Versus courting HP; it was HP that actively sought Versus to partner to get VS technology into HP computers as a means to reward and add value to its customer’s lives.
With more people consuming content than ever before and the onset of COVID-19 changing consumer behavior possibly forever, Versus is in the right place at the right time.
Versus is expanding into new verticals too, adding streaming video through Kast, as well as a mobile game developer in Animoca Brands. Animoca apps and mobile games have more than one billion downloads. The forward-thinking Hong Kong-based company is a top-five developer of blockchain games in the world with millions of daily active users of its games.
Wall Street and Bay Street haven’t caught up with the untapped potential.
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Advertising 2.0: There’s Magic in Versus Technology
Versus Executive Chairman Keyvan Peymani, who served as the Head of Startup Marketing for Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: AMZN) before leaving to become the Chairman of Versus, says that the magic in Versus intellectual property isn’t trivial. It’s all a matter of giving the consumer exactly what they want. At the end of the day, it is all about customer satisfaction and Versus gives it to them like nothing else out there.
Advertisers want quantifiable metrics to show prove the ROI on their marketing budgets. That need plays squarely into the business model of Versus, as the company generates revenue via engagements. To the point earlier about revenue, Versus charges $0.50 Cost Per Engagement (CPE), which is less than Facebook average Cost Per Click (CPC), but with much greater engagement and purchase intent.
Versus’ results are nothing shy of spectacular. Open rates are 10-times industry standards and transaction rates are a stunning 100x industry standards.
Consider a few facts about legacy ad methodologies. According to the UCLA Memes Survey in August 2018, 51.8% of people either “frequently” or “always” avoid ads entirely. Just 3.8% of respondents said that watch an ad all the way through. On a scale of 0-10 (0 being “I hate it” and 10 being “I love it”) people’s despise for ads showed with a 2.8 average score.

Now, take a look at how Versus technology ranks:

- 97% of Versus users agree that adding rewards makes games more fun
- 34% increase in playtime per week after players sign up for rewards
- 10% of players are new players, downloading the game for the first time because of prizes
- Versus players showing an average increase in playtime of 4 hours per week
- 77% of people would be more likely to watch TV/media “live” if they could win rewards
This engagement translates to sales. Period. Brands that used the Versus reward architecture found out that 36% of prize winners went into physical locations to redeem. That compares to less than 1% for users of traditional giveaways/coupons. That bears repeating and elaborating. 36 out of every 100 winners from Versus technology physically went to the brand’s store to redeem their prize. Comparatively, 1 out of maybe 200 winners of traditional coupons go to the store to redeem.
Advertisers also realized a 3.5x return on ad spend.
To that point, a whopping 97% of players say the ad improved experience.
The Opportunity
Market analysts like to use the word “disruptor” a lot. Too much in fact because many times the company they are talking about isn't upending anything. Versus is the embodiment of disruptor for the way it can reshape how brands engage consumers. 
The deal with HP speaks for itself with the tens of millions of computers it sells annually and the large advertising opportunity.
Animoca is an industry giant with hit games like the Sandbox in its portfolio. The obvious thing here is dropping the rewards technology into the games for ads. That is why with Versus they have partnered with one of Asia’s largest online marketing solution providers, iClick Interactive (NASDAQ: “ICLK”), to provide their brands access to the massive and expanding Asian gaming market. Management has the vision that not only should game developers be making money, but players should be rewarded. The idea of holistic monetization of video games is novel, but it does dovetail perfectly with Versus technology.
Kast is a less household name, but the company is growing in leaps and bounds (400% since March) as it becomes the choice for streaming and watch parties making it ultra-easy for groups of people to come together around movies, short-form content, and streams. Viewers love to watch, comment, and share their videos with one another and Versus rewards are poised to enhance the already fantastic engagement numbers for this 18-35-year-old demographic.
As Versus moves into different verticals, it is also penetrating new markets, including the lucrative Asia Pacific region this summer. Gaming is insanely popular in Asia, as evidenced by Newzoo pegging the region’s gaming market at $72 billion in 2019.
To the point of being truly disruptive, finding comparables to lend some color to the upside potential is challenging, to say the least. However, Versus has a market capitalization of just $30 million (CDN$42 million), clearly giving it plenty of room to grow. Privately-held Unity, a game development engine/in-game ad company, generates about $300 million in annual revenue and has a valuation over $3 billion. Ad Colony, a maker of those annoying in-game video ads, was acquired in 2014 by Norwegian-listed Opera Networks for $350 million.
With a growing list of major partnerships, a strong IP portfolio and a rapidly growing user base, Versus is poised for rapid growth in 2020. See for yourself why Forbes said in this article that Versus could change the landscape of the gaming market.

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